Who Do We Give Money To?

The Thank You Jesus Mission grants money to North Carolina religious 501c3 organizations to help them share the salvation message of Jesus Christ within their community. Focus for the grants will be for 501(c)3’s in smaller towns and rural areas. Grants awarded for 2017 will be up to $2,000 each with approximately $10,000 available to grant. The TYJM may change these amounts depending upon the number of applications and financial needs of the approved applicants.


What The Fund Does Not Support:

• Grants will not be awarded as general donations. The grant has to be related to a specific project or program.

• Grants will not be awarded for day-to-day administrative running costs.

• Grants are not awarded to individuals.

• Grants will not be awarded to sponsor an award.

• Grants will not be awarded for projects outside of our core focus of organizations.

• Grants are not awarded to projects that have surpassed their funding goal.


Is There a Deadline For Applications?

Grants will be awarded November 1, 2017. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but will need at least 30 days for review prior to each awarding date.


How Do We Apply For Funding?

A Grant Application Form must be fully completed for any funding to be considered. In addition to the application form you may wish to provide additional supporting information that you consider relevant to your application. Please scan and email your application to Your organization may receive a call or e-mail for learning more about the request.


How Long Does The Application Process Take?

The application processes will take up to 30 days. You may be asked to provide additional information regarding your application. A letter will be sent after the Board of Directors meeting advising you of their decision.


Can We Apply For A Grant More Than Once?



Where Should We Send Our Application?

Please scan and email your application to If there are questions regarding the application they can be e-mailed to


Download Grant Application