Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation is a ministry designed to take the plateaued/declining church to a point of understanding their condition, why they got to the unhealthy stage and what they can do to become healthy again. Their Mission is to assist churches in developing biblically based, Spirit driven approaches for churches that are plateaued, declining, or discouraged in revitalizing their church life that they may accomplish the basic purposes of a New Testament Church. These purposes are evangelism, discipleship, proclamation, fellowship, prayer and ministry, which should always be done with Scriptural authority and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.

This nonprofit church support ministry started in 2013 by Dr. Steve Sells and a group of church leaders from various church backgrounds across North Carolina. God blessed their efforts with great success in church revitalization projects in North Carolina and Georgia. Operation Transformation is an outgrowth of Dr. Sells local church experience and his passion to help hurting, unhealthy churches become healthy once again.

Operation Transformation received $5,000 from the Thank You Jesus Mission for sponsorship of a pastor’s conference in 2019. This is the second year TYJ Mission has sponsored this event that ultimately touches so many people in the name of Jesus.