How it all started

In 2016 a young teenager, Lucas Hunt, prayed for help to put up Easter signs in his home town of Asheboro, NC. A few weeks later a board member at his church, Connie Frazier, was seeking the Lord about what should be the Easter project for their church without knowing Lucas’s desire. God spoke very clearly instructing a Thank You Jesus yard sign. With Lucas’s prayers and vision (along with help from his parents) and Connie’s design and business background, the Thank You Jesus signs were created. This project at a small rural church has turned into a 501(C)3 that receives royalties from the artwork. Over 170,000 signs have been sold along with car magnets, garden flags and bracelets. The royalty revenue is used for grants to religious 501(C)3’s who seeks to share God’s love and the many reason why we Thank Jesus. [Read More]

Note: Purchasing a Thank You Jesus sign, magnet or other product from the website or other location is not tax deductible, but the proceeds support the Thank You Jesus Mission.