The  COVID pandemic has been particularly hard on nursing home residents and staff. Visits from family and friends are limited while the staff has increased responsibilities.  With the royalties from the purchase of Thank You Jesus Signs, a new outreach to minister to residents started in May of 2020 with the hopes of reaching many facilities around the state.

The “Blessed to Bless Nursing Home Project” provides an overflowing gift box filled with stand-up cards, hymn cds, crosses for staff, and cards for residents to send to their friends. Also included in the package are volunteer handwritten notes from Joni and Friends, a national group which has the goal of accelerating Christian ministry in the disability community.

The initial phase of the project was funded by a grant from Thank You Jesus Mission which allowed 18 long term care facilities to receive Blessed to Bless Care Boxes. To take the project statewide will require additional funding. For organizations and individuals who would like to “adopt a nursing home” or help provide a care package, the donation needed per facility is approximately $500.  Any donation is welcome!
Asheboro 2020 High School Graduate, Olivia Tyler, was the artist for the stand-up cards, envelopes and resident cards. The gift God has given her will be used to bless thousands of people. Thank You Jesus Mission is a religious 501(C)3 funded by the royalties from the purchase of Thank You Jesus signs. The royalty revenue is used for grants to religious 501(C)3s which seek to share God’s love and the many reasons why we Thank Jesus.
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