Our Vision For Grant Giving

The Thank You Jesus Mission is located in the heart of the North Carolina Piedmont surrounded by other rural counties.  North Carolina has the second highest percent of rural population at 3,233,725 with Texas being first at 3,847,522.  In these large rural areas a high percentage of churches and ministries are struggling to stay open and meet the needs of their communities.  Rural churches play an important key role spiritually in their community which has resulted in their outreach socially through food banks, ministering to the sick, helping families that are in financial straits, providing a gathering place for social events and a maintaining a community bond.  It is their Christian faith in Jesus as Savior that inspires them to reach out.

Changes in demographics in their communities, differences between the older and younger generations and aging of membership in the churches has caused a dramatic decline in members and their ability to reach out, share the love of Jesus and minister to their communities.

Our non-profit board sees a unique opportunity to formalize into a 501C3 ministry that focuses on the rural areas of North Carolina with grants to churches and 501C3 religious non-profits.  Grants would be used for programs such as educational training for church leaders on how to reach their community with the Gospel, for food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters, for helping churches establish and support programs that combine the share about Jesus with providing for the physical needs of the community.

In an age where mega churches in urban areas are very popular, we believe that the small rural churches have a special role in sharing God’s Word where cell phone coverage is bad and it’s hard to get high speed internet.

Board Members


Constance Wilson Frazier

Connie is originally from Indiana where she attended Indiana University and has a BA in Business with a minor in Finance.  She worked at Bank of America for 20 years, served almost 14 years in the NC State Legislature and is currently a contract lobbyist with her own firm, Connie Wilson Consulting, Inc.

Vice President

Benjamin Jackson Frazier

Ben was born in Asheboro, North Carolina and attended Campbell University where he double majored in accounting and math.  He worked at Klaussner Furniture in Asheboro for 28 years, serving as its Chief Operating officer for 20 of those years. His business background has given him a desire to serve on the board to use the gifts God has given him to help other folk in rural communities and churches.


Lucas Hunt

Lucas Hunt was born and raised in Asheboro and graduated from high school in 2018. He is a commercial pilot giving lessons at the Asheboro airport As the initiator of Thank You Jesus signs, the board is blessed to have his spiritual insight.


Rebecca Boger

Rebecca Boger is a retired insurance executive who has held leadership roles in her church and denomination for decades.  Her heart is for missions.  Rebecca and her husband, Wayne, live in Asheboro, NC.