Cross Pointe Church Grant

Cross Pointe Church developed the “Third Base Program” in partnership with the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department, area businesses, other churches and community leaders to provide a place for youth to come after school hours. Tutoring, mentoring, music, Bible lessons, food, singing and games were to be provided in the 4,000 square foot space on the second floor of Cross Pointe.

However, the program began using their downstairs meeting room. They sent out the church bus all over Laurinburg to pick up children on Tuesday evenings. 120 children faithfully came. For two years, they brought them in. Young lives were radically changed by the program. Area businesses provided hungry children a nutritious meal when they arrived. Scotland County has the highest extreme child hunger rate in the state. Deputies and police officers and other volunteers mentored, taught, played with and lavished the children with unconditional love. God was transforming young lives! With the onset of the COVID pandemic, their outreach was sadly brought to a complete halt. Then price of lumber and building materials skyrocketed.

Thank You Jesus has provided them with $3,500 to help provide aid in finishing the youth outreach program at Cross Pointe.