Tis The Season

Tis the Season has been highly successful in bringing a rebirth of the spirit of community back to Laurinburg and region. All races, neighborhoods and churches have come together as friends for the first time in decades during Tis the Seasons weeks’ long events. Their goal this coming year is to have a live nativity scene, where the story of God’s love and salvation can be shared. Working with the many multi cultural churches in our community, they will provide bus transportation from the housing projects to bring these children to the live nativity scene in order to see and hear the good news of the Gospel. The churches will follow up with these children to get them into church.  The live nativity scene will be continued from year to year. Additionally, They  are setting up a Good News Street, which will be lined with Christian based commercial Christmas lights and displays to reinforce the true message of Christmas. The thousands who attend the 6 weeks long Tis the Season events will be constantly presented with the message of God’s love for them. Thank You Jesus Mission Provided a $10,000 grant for this project.