Open Hands of Davidson County, Inc.  $3,000
Purpose of Grant:
In April 2017, Open Hands began a breakfast program that serves our friends three days a week. We use this program to not only feed them physically but also to form spiritual relationships that lead to a deepened life to discipleship with Jesus Christ. Immediately following the breakfast, we have a 30-minute devotional that focuses on God’s grace and the role it plays in the lives of our friends. We have seen the attendance at devotions grow steadily and Jesus is glorified daily through the devotions and the discussions that are sparked from the topics. We have seen the attendance grow and the interest in hearing more of Christ’s love and how He is active in their lives no matter the circumstances.

Faith Youth Initiative (Rowan County) $5,000
Article II section 7 of our By-laws states “We are called to share the life changing message of Jesus Christ, (salvation) as well as the love of God to our local communities, our state, our country, and our world.  FYI’s mission, simply stated is to show the love of Christ to children/youth in our community who are at risk of falling into despair because of their circumstances.  Grant money will be used to purchase a 2nd van to transport children/youth to activities, tutoring and worship services.

Alive Ministries: Project Pray (Cabarrus County) $3,000
Alive Ministries: Project Pray proposes to plan and lead a conference designed for Rural and Small Town Pastors, their spouses, and key lay leaders, on Oct. 18-20, 2018, at Caraway Conference Center, in conjunction with ‘Thank You Jesus’ ministries. The conference will be limited to a combined total of 300 pastors, spouses and lay leaders, housed at Caraway and adjacent hotels along with commuting pastors.

Alive Ministries: Project Pray is a conference ministry, existing since 1988, specializing in Schools of Prayer and pastor’s events, as well as coaching city-wide processes that rise out of prayer and express Christian unity with Great Commission impact in view. P. Douglas Small, President of Alive Ministries, speaks at pastor’s conferences and events within the USA and around the world. His staff assists with these congregational and regional events. Small serves the Church of God as International Prayer Coordinator. He also serves as chair of the PCCNA Prayer Commission, a collage of some 30 Pentecostal denominations, and, as a member of both the Denominational Prayer Leader’s Network and America’s National Prayer Committee.